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      Italian fashion wholesale
      The best source of "made in Italy" fashion products, wholesale

      Since 2000 the ItalianModa B2B marketplace helps wholesale buyers to find, select and make contact with a large selection of trustworthy Italian fashion manufacturers and brands.

      You can find an unprecedented gallery of hard-to-find and sought-after products made in Italy, ranging from clothing to handbags, from shoes to fashion accessories, from lingerie to hosiery, from jewels to home decor.

      Most Italian companies offer a "private label" service and are always interested in getting in touch with agents and distributors. Other companies offer a "dropshipping" service too.

      Many companies also have an online wholesale catalog where you can see their latest fashion collection and place orders. Registration is required to see the wholesale prices. Click here to get a list of Italian wholesale fashion catalogs.

      Visit also the ItalianModa B2B MALL, an online multibrand wholesale shopping center offering hundreds of fantastic Italian fashion products. Visit the MALL B2B.